Get your Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Activity Guide to instigate INTIMACY, elicit ACTION, and stir PLAY, PEACE and PASSION

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Every relationship is different and YOU know what you need the most and what activities you and your beloved will respond to the best.

This guide offers you a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure menu from five core categories of supportive activities, plus a BONUS round area too.

Depending on what is going on for you two right now, how much time you have and what each of you are attracted to, (or NOT attracted to doing), select the activities that work best for you both. 

Each time you do a Relationship Report Card check in, the agenda and experience will be different.

Need a little more detail? We've got the agenda for you! Want to dive deeper? This guide has got you covered!

Use this guide to check in, connect and re-align towards what you BOTH want again and again AND again. If you only do this once, good for you, but if you do it as a HABIT, it's even better!

Experiment with the time and timing that works best for you and your beloved. Weekly, monthly, quarterly or once a year, find the rhythm and HABIT that nourishes your connection and turns your shared dreams into celebrated realities.

Let us know how it goes and how we can support you in creating more PLAY, PEACE and PASSION.

Your GUIDE on the SIDE...

YOU know what's best for you, so I wont try to be a “sage on the stage”. Instead, consider me your “guide on the side” as you explore and create what you and your beloved want most.

While I have a Masters degree in Education, Counseling and Guidance and now over 25 years of coaching and teaching experience, it’s my own “messy-to-magical” marriage that has my relationship coaching be so spot on.

I’m a wiz at supporting couples in not just digging themselves out of a relationship "ditch", but fostering a Couple Culture of Aiming for Awesome and pursuing what you actually both DO want instead.

I’m honored and delighted to be your Love Trifecta coach, helping you create more play, peace and passion in love and life.
Your ally in aiming for awesome,

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