Fighting is normal, human and even healthy.
Experience is expensive. Just be SURE you get what you PAID for!

Don't just move on,
move FORWARD instead.

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That was NO fun at all! Arguing rarely is, right? It might have even gotten a little ugly there for a moment too. Yet you made it to the other side. Or did you?

Now that the fight is “over,” if you’re like most people, you’re just glad it’s over, grateful you managed to get through it. Now you just want to put it behind you, forget about it and MOVE ON.
But BEWARE! Moving ON might be terribly tempting, yet moving FORWARD is faaaaaaaaaar more faaaaabulous. AND it will save you tons of time, heartaches and headaches-galore in the future too!

Get proactive about peace in your relationship. Lean into those lessons and become Fabulous Fighters so you can TRANSFORM conflict into connection by Argument Even Better If-ing YOUR next argument.

Your GUIDE on the SIDE...

YOU know what is best for you, so I wont try to be a “sage on the stage”. Instead, consider me a “guide on the side” as you explore and create what you and your beloved want most. While I have a Masters degree in Education, Counseling and Guidance and now over 25 years of coaching and teaching experience, it’s my own “messy-to-magical” marriage that has my relationship coaching be so spot on. My innovative methods are fiercely forward focused, yet gently shift any negativity into concrete action steps. I’m a wiz at supporting couples in not just digging themselves out of a relationship ditch, but cultivating a couple culture of “aiming for awesome”. I’m honored and delighted to be any part of your journey towards your most playful, peaceful, and passionate relationship possible.
Your ally in aiming for awesome,

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